About Us

JioVio Health Care is a Singapore based Med tech international company. It purports to spread Olivewear's innovations in South-East Asia, Africa, and other developing regions in the world. Founded in 2016, it gave birth to project 'SaveMom' and Olivewear.

Olivewear is an IOT startup in healthcare space registered in India with a current focus on providing a positive pregnancy, infant care and parenting experience with its innovation in healthcare technology and education.

SaveMom,the pioneering project of JioVio &Olivewear, is an IOT based maternal health care solution that promises to effectively address the malady of poor maternal healthcare in the remote regions of India. It has three major goals:

High Quality Cost

Effective Maternal Health Care, IOT Devices, Telemedicine software

Health Education

WHO Recommendations, Local/Regional Language info-graphics

Data Gathering and Analysis

Data matrix of rural women and children for governments and foundations

What We Do


“Healthy individuals” and that’s our aim. To have physically and mentally healthy citizens has been our goal to be achieved. Through our jiovio products, we concentrate more on health care for ordinary people.


Every individual will be treated medically and the entire medical process is fastened.

Our Products


Our organization VISION is to keep each person of our society free from ill health. Our primary goal is "We likely to not let go off any individual's life without a reason" to influence them to comfort and to get the essential medicinal services without a doubt.



The key component of our MISSION is "Personal healthcare kit for pregnant ladies and healing facilities" to maintain a strategic distance from the passing rate of pregnant women. And furthermore to decrease the proportion of the maternal ladies death.

Why Personalized Healthcare ?

    Personalized medication is the best practical outcome of the human genome venture.

    It has a high concern for every individual healthcare in which they can be dealt with for their own fitting solution

    Specifically wellbeing and therapeutic care of pharmacotherapy to keep far away from drugs, not deteriorated which might be improved.

    It is the component most likely started to detect the reduction of money and hospitalized

    Possibly it continues progressing quickly and could enhance healthcare of our community level.


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