Allobaby is a platform designed for childcare developed with web and mobile app. Web app is for monitoring the backend process. Mobile app is for accessing the child data uncommonly intended for women.

How The App Is Useful ?

Allobaby works by observing the child's underlying development stage [1000 days] for understanding their significant issues. This application additionally goes about as a child-rearing module by following the kid's development rate.

Allobaby is extremely valuable for NGO wellbeing laborers to gather the whole kid information. It additionally recognizes illnesses by observing the side effects from the youngster.

Allobaby helps by following whether the child is getting the best possible immunization at the correct time or not. It helps in keeping some general issues at a beginning period like observing the kid's speech, hearing sensitivity, and so on…

Allobaby gives some fascinating modules like showing some essential words for the kid to convey a child to deliver the infant speech.

Allobaby Mobile App

It is a companion for a pregnant lady, which engages her by updating her, with daily remainders. Communication remains to be the best entertainment and so with voice commands, communication with the baby is possible.

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