Madurai: With an ambitious aim to help pregnant women living in remote villages in India get essential and efficient antenatal care and thus help curb maternal mortality in the country, a Tamil Nadu-based tech innovator, M Senthil Kumar, has come up with an innovative and a novel social start-up, Savemom, through which he has developed electronic devices to live-track the vital parameters and the general health of expectant women and provide them doorstep and personalised care with the help of the local healthcare professionals.

The start-up was incepted in the year 2017 and it immediately achieved a resounding success when it was run as a pilot project. As a part of this project, 1,400 pregnant women living in 25 villages between Ooty in Tamil Nadu and Wayanad in Kerala were provided with the Savemom kit and all the participants including the respective healthcare professionals – who went on regular checkups – gave the product an overwhelming response. The start-up was also instrumental in identifying malnourished women and those with anaemia with the help of Savemom devices and they were given personalised care.

A collection of devices have been developed under Savemom out of which a rudrakshamala-like device is an important product. This unique device is built with sensors which, when worn by the pregnant women, would 24*7 monitor their activities like steps walked, sleeping pattern and calories burnt. It could also help calculate the nutrition of the moms-to-be. Based on this, the women would get reminders on how to eat on time, how to take proper nutrition and so on. Beside this, there are other devices – blood glucose monitor, blood pressure monitor, temperature, fetal monitor, body fat scale and pulse oximeter – that are used to check other parameters. Though these women might reside in not-so-easily-accessible areas, the data obtained from the devices are stored in cloud and they could be accessed by local healthcare professionals by installing Savemom app on their tablet/ smartphones. Based on the data and with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the doctors would even be able to identify high-risk women and give them extra-attention.

Senthil is now on a mission to take Savemom to every village across the entire country and help improve healthcare for antenatal women. His dream is to ensure that there is no maternal death in India due to inaccessibility of healthcare. Interestingly, Senthil got the inspiration to start Savemom when his sister got pregnant and he wanted to help her get details about her health condition automatically.

The burgeoning reputation of Savemom has led to the start-up receiving several international awards and recognition and Brazilian and Indonesian governments are in talks to launch the products in their country.

 About the founder: M Senthil Kumar, 29, is an engineering graduate from Madurai. In 2016, Senthil quit his high paying corporate job in order to cofound Savemom along with his friend Dinesh Pandian. Apart from being a tech innovator and an entrepreneur, Senthil is also a motivational speaker and has delivered several TedX talks.


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