A blog about a free medical camp for the pregnant women who are living in the remote regions

“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love” – Mother Teresa. In the previews, Jiovio startup community has produced amazing innovation name as “Savemom” which is an IOT based maternal health care solution that promises to effectively address the malady of poor maternal healthcare in the remote regions of India with features like BP, Sugar, Fat, Blood oxygen saturation level checker and more. This product had collaborated with Government organizations and foundations to provide antenatal care to remote areas. But this time we wanted to take it up a hit by organizing a free health check-up camp for each pregnant lady’s to break down their well being to prevent pregnancy complications and make the caring measurements.

On a fine day, With a group of around 10 volunteers that included 1 doctors and a few volunteers with lead Mr. Balaji Madiq of Digital Empowerment Foundation, the health camp held for 100 women between 30-65 yrs of age from the nearby “Asoor” village of Kanchipuram district.

During the camp, our “savemom” product was introduced to all pregnant women and make them practice with that “Savemom” kid. Once the product were familiar with them, they were taken in for height, weight, BP, Sugar, Fat and Blood oxygen saturation level check with the help of our volunteers. Then these women were checked for finding out the common pregnancy complications causes. The idea behind the check-up was to find out whether any pregnant lady among the village needed immediate consideration with respect to any medical problem that may go unnoticed something else.

While the check up were being done nearby the village of Kanchipuram district, the biggest scope was to spread awareness about the health care during their pregnancy period among the women who does not have knowledge of basic medical things. But our good knowledge team made them as the expertise of the basic medical tests like BP & sugar tests.There were drawing medical check ups throughout the day. After, medical camp has done, The gained medical data of all participants is used by our team to easily pick out the list of women who need an immediate doctor consent by “SAVEMOM” admin panel (Risk Level ) feature and that helps us to predict that 10% of them were facing pregnancy complications. After that our team followed them for curing measurements. This one day came was a heartening experience for all the team members to spend such great time with those women.

The camp would not have been successful without the constant words of encouragement and guidance from Mrs. Balaji from Digital empowerment foundation and Mr.Madhan, Mr.Deepak and all other volunteers, who took time out from their busy schedules to be a part of this camp and made it a success.

The JioVio team plans to conduct similar health-camps in the future in collaboration with various other groups to make sure that each and every pregnant woman stays healthy and educated.

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