A STEP TOWARDS CHANGE, TOWARDS MAKING INDIA FREE FROM MATERNAL MORTALITY. In a developing country like India, we see many cases of Maternal deaths, it’s very prevalent in remote areas of the country as the women here aren’t equipped enough with good medical facilities. Even if there are facilities available many women aren’t able to utilise as they are not financially strong and could not afford the medical bills thus the negligent their health conditions and eventually slide into serious health issues. This can only be avoided when these women get proper medical attention with easy access. To make sure that their medical conditions be examined and can be treated in time we often organise free medical checkup camps where we freely check various health parameters of Pregnant women and in order to extend medical support and to avoid further complications.

Our aim is to provide Pregnant women with proper medical facilities who face Pregnancy complications and to prevent other Pregnant women from these complications. One way to do that is by making them aware of the symptoms of complications and the health assistance they can use. By conducting medical camps the Pregnant women are seeing and understanding the usage of our products and which is helping them to use the Product by themselves. This is also creating awareness among other women and they are also finding it helpful. Our product is an IOT based device which primarily focuses on efficiently Monitoring Pregnant women’s health conditions. It regularly monitors the parameters and updates in the database whenever ever any vital falls from its normal range it automatically informs to health workers who look after the issue and do the needful. 

A week ago teaming up with an NGO named Digital Empowerment Foundation, we have organised a free medical camp at Kanchipuram KSP Nagar. Mr P Deepak Kumar & Mr P Manthan Kumar from Jiovio team along with Mr Balaji who was the Project Head. They are responsible for setting the camp and successfully running it. 

Our volunteer team along with our Allotricorder and AlloBmi kit measured 20+ Pregnant women body vitals such as Glucose levels, Blood Pressure, etc. Our products can be connected with a mobile application through which all the collected data can be stored and used for providing further health assistance to the patient. While collecting the medical parameters our skilled volunteers have made the women aware of the usage of these devices and gave the basic medical tips. Through these camps, we filter out women who need immediate medical support and help them. We believe the 20+ women who attended this camp would pass on the experience to furthermore and by this slowly all may get aware.

We team Jiovio looking forward to conducting more health camps like this in the future and we would like to congratulate and thank all the volunteers who have been part of this camp without whom this wouldn’t have been run this successfully.

To know more, about us visit: https://www.jiovio.com

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