Gifted Citizens 2019

Gifted Citizens 2019

December 6, 2019 0 By admin

With immense pride, we would like to congratulate Mr Senthil Kumar CoFounder Jiovio Healthcare on being selected as a Gifted Citizen 2019. 

Gifted Citizen is an international honour, which is awarded to entrepreneurs those who are passionate and seek to find real solutions to the people facing by humanity. Every year thousands of nominations are invited from all around the world from the following categories – Scientific Innovations, Technological inventions, Educational ecological, and/or social transformations, Meaningful contributions to arts and culture, Inducement of sustainable economic development and of socially responsible entrepreneurship, Defense and promotion of human, cultural, and social rights. After evaluation of the entries, the best projects who has the potential to change the lives of millions of people are selected and awarded. Till date, Gifted Citizen has received more than 4000 applications and has given more than 500 000 US Dollars in rewards. Gifted Citizen has created an international network of innovators hailing from all around the world. 

The selection panel will evaluate among the invited projects and select 10 Social-Entrepreneurship Projects from around the world which has the ability to impact millions of lives in the future. The Gifted Citizens become a part of the Gifted Citizens Community which includes people from multidisciplinary backgrounds. The 10 selected candidates are invited to  La Ciudad de las Ideas at Mexico. It is the biggest international festival of Brilliant minds where the selected entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to pitch their projects in the presence of potential investors, CEO and other entrepreneurs.

At the end of the event, our Founder received the award from the Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú Tum with huge pride.

About the project which is awarded: 

SaveMom, it is a health care product specially designed to help pregnant women with an aim to reduce Maternal deaths. Most of the remote villages in India don’t have the infrastructure which can serve pregnant women with proper healthcare and medications and pregnant women face difficulty to travel long distances for regular health checkups.

It is a single compact solution to all these problems. It is designed and developed within an aim to provide overall healthcare facilities to the women living in the remote villages at their place. The Product is a health care device with which we can monitor Pregnant women during the first 1000days with the help of our AI-enabled IOT Kit and telemedicine software. It incorporated different kinds of sensors that can detect minute changes in the body of the pregnant women and send an alert to the doctor’s with which any future complications can be avoided. With this product, we believe that we can provide the best and sophisticated medical facility for all the women living in the villages at their doorsteps.

Once again we would like to congratulate Mr Senthil Kumar for his visionary product. For further information regarding our products you can click the link below: