BIRAC Innovation Challenge  Awards 2019

BIRAC Innovation Challenge Awards 2019

December 10, 2019 0 By admin

Jiovio a Chennai based start-up that focuses on manufacturing healthcare products for Pregnant women was able to secure seed funding investment from BIRAC, a government’s Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) SEED scheme.

Founded in 2016 by Mr. Senthil Kumar, Jiovio aims at providing health care assistance to women living in remote areas by manufacturing compact health care products. our “SaveMom” is a health care product specially designed to help pregnant women. As most of the remote villages in India don’t have the infrastructure which can serve pregnant women with proper healthcare and medications and pregnant women face difficulty to travel long distances for regular health checkups. SaveMom was designed to solve this problem as it is a multi-utility Product serving as a single compact solution to all these problems. The product is incorporated with different kinds of sensors which can detect minute changes in the body of the pregnant women and create an alert whenever needed. With this product, Mr. Senthil Kumar believes that it can provide the best and sophisticated medical facility for all the women living in the villages at their doorsteps.

“BIRAC’s SEED scheme  – Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development – scheme was set up to support start-ups which are aiming at providing sufficient support to.the medical startups to empower and grow. The seed funding will help the startup in expanding their business and help them reach to wider remote areas. SaveMom with its products line namely Allotricorder, AlloBmi adding great value towards Pregnant women health care. Both the products can be connected to the SaveMom Mobile application and can be used to monitor various vitals in Pregnant women. The data collected will be constantly updated through in cloud, the data can be monitored by a doctor on a daily basis. This helps us to track down Pregnant women’s health at each minute and take necessary steps to avoid any development of complications.

We would like to thank the BIRAC seed funding scheme for putting out such great efforts towards providing budding entrepreneurs and startups a platform to grow their reach. We are overwhelmed to receive funding and we are committed to utilize and make new innovations in the field of medical health care.

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