Benefits of Corporate Health Checkup | Employee Wellness Medical Camp

Benefits of Corporate Health Checkup | Employee Wellness Medical Camp

December 23, 2019 0 By admin

Jiovio organized the Health and Wellness Check-up Camp at Elysium Technologies Private Limited on December 21, 2019, to improve the health of employees and encourage exercise among them. The camp was organized by using Allotricorder kit measured 30+ Corporate Employee’s body vitals. The organized health & wellness camp which includes the following checkups for 

1. Blood Pressure

2. Body Temperature & Oxygen in the blood 

4. ECG

 5. Heart rate

 6. General health checks up

Our devices can be connected to a mobile application(Allolab) where all the data collected can be processed and used to provide the patient with additional health assistance. Allocare is the mobile application used by employees in order to view the regular health check-ups done by Human Resources.

Our experienced volunteers made the people aware of the use of these instruments when collecting the medical parameters and giving medical tips.

Our company research team working towards medical development held a medical camp for all employees belonging to Elysium Technologies Private Limited. During this camp, a general medical checkup was done for employees aged between 20 and 50.

A team of three volunteers comprising (Deepak Kumar R), (Raj Gokul S D), (Mathan Kumar P) examined the employees on various parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, oxygen in the blood, ECG, etc.

This camp received a good response from the employees of the community and due credits go to our volunteers and efforts that have made this medical camp a success.

Corporate Medical Camp is designed to ensure

  1. Employee well-being in any work environment 
  2. Reduction in healthcare costs to employee compensation 
  3. Making the work environment more inviting and relaxing, thereby boosting employee morale and productivity

Most companies arrange health camps for their workers are very rare nowadays. Providing this sort of facility and extensive check-ups at the workplace free of cost made it convenient to do health check-ups. It benefited all the employees, particularly the women, who generally maintain their health in the back seat. This would allow them to think about many health problems

All the staff felt proud and motivated. Jiovio showed how important their employees and workers are and how they care about their health and wellness with this event. Jiovio aims to provide continuous wellness and quality of work-life to its employees and foster a healthy workplace for employees with many more such events in the future.

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