After crossing huge barriers and struggles JioVio Healthcare marching into 2020 with an absolute blast of a mission.

First time in History of Medical Care JioVio provides 10 Different Health Checkups for Just 10Rs and everything happens under 10 Minutes! Interesting Right?

In this blog, we are going to see the overall experience of our team who conducted the General Health Check Up Camp at Malli Vidhyalaya School, Madurai.

And we are going to witness the next big thing which JioVio Healthcare is going to launch in the market.

2020’s First Camp:
Even though JioVio has crossed multiple camps in 2019, today’s camp was quite refreshing and an updated version of our display for all the checkups undergone.

With our collective experiences of all previous years, our team was pretty well prepared with the necessary guidelines to showcase and get the results of required medical reports.

Campaign Theme:
10 Checkups for 10Rs under 10 Minutes! This is our campaign tagline and the target metrics for implementing the JioVio Healthcare project.

We are sure that no one in the medical industry can provide these many reports within the stipulated 10 mins period and with the unbelievable cost of 10Rs.

And we are pretty sure this model will become a jaw-dropping scenario for most of the medical concerns out there in the Industry!

Where did we implement our First Campaign?
It’s Malli Vidhyalaya High School located in Madurai, which allowed us to conduct our General Checkup campaign.

Our Concept is to target the Teachers who work in that particular school. And we were inviting other co-workers who involved in the school operations in various categories.

The reason why we concentrated on Teachers in this camp is that they are the one who is taking enormous pressure and efforts to train students with infinite stress involved with continuous working hours.

These tests will give them a great awareness of the self-analysis of their current health condition.

As we predicted almost one-third of the teachers were surprised by their current state of health conditions and by our JioVio’s health check-up camp they were alerted strongly to improve the healthy life routine by maintaining a proper diet and day to day warm-ups.

We utilized our Allolab kit for this campaign, and this kit includes AlloTricoder and AlloBMI Devices which helps to measure 10 different variants of health metrics which is mentioned below.

Types of Check-ups did:

  1. Blood Pressure
  2. Heart Rate
  3. Body Temperature
  4. ECG
  5. Blood Oxygen
  6. Heart Rate Variability
  7. Respiratory Rate
  8. Mood Index
  9. Weight
  10. RR Interval

We have two different applications that play a vital role here in managing the health check-up metrics.

One is AlloLab which is controlled by the health worker from the hospital and he/she can see the results which are taken from devices that measured the above 10 pointers. The second Application is AlloCare, which is created for the user’s access and monitoring purposes.

In between these two applications we have a backend team that constantly monitoring and backing up the data at regular intervals.

Delivered Knowledge Transfer to Students & Teachers:
As the days progressed we got to see the students and the teachers were so keen and enthusiastic in absorbing and grabbing things faster.

So we decided to give a KT(Knowledge Transfer) for those participants about Robotics topics along with Artificial Intelligence on the outer layer of the concepts.

Along with these topics we covered the general health tips and routine to follow in our everyday lifestyle.

Feedbacks by Participants:
We got realtime feedback from the participants who have involved in the check-up process. And we are so glad that they grabbed the concept and the importance of the check-up with proper reason.

Since they could compare this project with real-time scenarios they were able to identify the major issues like (Time constraints, manpower reducing, cost efficiency, etc) which are solved by our JioVio Health care process.

As we aim both rural and urban audiences, this particular camp helped us to understand the teacher’s point of view and we deeply believe that JioVio Health care is going to play a vital role among school audiences who need constant health monitoring check-ups in regular interval of time.

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