Savemom met Inventive people at “Makers Mela” – Mumbai

Savemom met Inventive people at “Makers Mela” – Mumbai

January 11, 2020 0 By admin

A Proud moment for Savemom Team who have gathered in Mumbai and Participated in one of Asia’s grandest events of all time called “MAKERS MELA”

What is Makers Mela?

Every year Makers Mela conducts a variety of events like artistic installations, world record attempts, speaker sessions, cultural events, maker arena, etc!

We Savemom have landed in Makers Arena and we displayed our concept in front of wholesome audiences all over the world.

Why Savemom Participated in Makers Mela?

It’s simple! We as a team got a chance to interact and demonstrate our healthcare process for women’s pregnancy in our way to different brains out there.

This event will showcase our efforts to versatile audiences who have great potential to recognize/engage/enhance our project in any means.

Mitch Altman was present in Makers Mela:

Surprisingly Savemom team got a chance to meet Mitch Altman who is a well-known hacker and inventor from San Francisco. And he well knows because of his previous invention ie TV-B-Gone which gave him an opportunity as a speaker in hacker conferences.

Representing Savemom Our Founders Senthil Kumar and Dinesh Pandian have interacted with Mitch Altman on every feature and the future scope of our project on implementation.

It was a nice gesture and the way he received our process gave us more chills and we have met many more Inventors/investors/enthusiasts in Makers Mela and spread a lot of exposure to the outer world.

We Savemom have huge plans ahead for entering into the real world to enable the possibilities of helping both Rural and Urban Health Care.

Events like Makers Mela always opens up a great opportunity of the door to grab the chances of takeaways/funding opportunities/advisories from experts/showcasing our concept to international audiences, etc.