Record was made at PTR College with 371 Successful Checkups

Record was made at PTR College with 371 Successful Checkups

January 23, 2020 0 By admin

The Next Big thing in this calendar has happened in this calendar year of 2020: GENERAL CHECK-UP AT PTR ENGINEERING COLLEGE

Why we Concentrate on Colleges? 

It’s very simple! In this Era, we consider Education as the Most Important thing for building up a strong environment.

 But in the long run, to be honest, most of the people which include both teachers and students are not aware of their day to day health conditions to keep up active & healthy living which will support their work/studies with better conditions.

So we consider teachers and students are the most important audience who really building the future with enormous efforts and hopes.

And we felt they need basic health attention to make sure their proceedings don’t get affected and to make sure they are not under any risky state of any causes.

The Game Plan for PTR Camp:

Since we need to cover almost 350+ people, we planned to start our camp with 4 Individual Tricorder Devices which helps to measure the basic parameters like

  1. Blood Pressure
  2. Body Temperature
  3. Blood Oxygen 
  4. Height
  5. Weight
  6. ECG 

These are the 6 Parameters we included for this General check-up with PTR College Students.

With our team of 7 members, we planned to split as 4 different teams and started our camp with Engineering Students present on that day at PTR College.

Surprise Elements during camp:

During the health check-up, we were surprised by the way Lecturers and Students reacted and shared their questions with us. 

Everyone was keen on their current health status in terms of metrics and other symptoms which they are experiencing.

We could see clearly they are so concentrative and seeking help in identifying their basic health conditions.

Each and every member expressed their views with pure honest and they were excited to see the results of their own with BP, ECG, and other important parameters.

The most important thing is they were asking questions and involved in how the device is capturing these many parameters within the given stipulated time period. 

Since they were electrical students they could see the real worthiness of this device and they encouraged to move on with greater platforms and places which is required many 1000’s of people like them.

Unexpected things happened in between the camp:

During our camp, we saw people coming from other departments/non-technical teams as well. 

Due to pure word of mouth we welcomed more people who were so interested and made them comfortable during the help check-up.

With this campaign, we have gained heck a lot of exposure on handling a mass crowd which is so keen towards their own health conditions.

We as a team this is the first time creating a record of taking a total of 349 general health check-ups in 3 Days of time. 

Here are the Exact Metrics we reached for the first time 

Total Number of People Attended – 349

Total Number of Teachers Attended – 71

Total Number of Students Attended – 278

Accuracy Reached – 98.5% 


We the team JioVio clearly stepping into bigger stairs of near future 

The valuable feedback received from PTR Campaign has still widened up the possibilities of enhancing our Interface with our Allo Lab Mobile Application which is helping us to record all the required parameters successfully.

Our Team is next moving on with the next campaign with updated status with all feedbacks which was provided at PTR Engineering College.

At the end of the day, we as a team made sure all attendees who participated in the event know their own health metrics which will make their upcoming days as a comfortable and healthy one!