JioVio presented its HealthCare Concept to Meenakshi Mission Hospital

JioVio presented its HealthCare Concept to Meenakshi Mission Hospital

January 24, 2020 0 By admin

The most important phase for our JioVio HealthCare product is to meet the deserving people and introduce our concepts to them directly who belong to the same gene!

Yes! I’m talking about Doctors.

We got a chance to display our Health Care Product in front of 160 gynecologists who work for Meenakshi Mission Hospital located at Madurai.

For us, this is the first time ever we presented our health care concept in front of 160 doctors in Madurai who are considered to be the most experienced and deserving profiles who can analyze and audit our product pure intelligence.

Representing JioVio Healthcare our beloved M Senthil Kumar (CEO of Jiovio Healthcare) presented the whole idea with a realtime explanation by showcasing our digital product in front of those doctors.

Dr. Padma is the one who wished and gave our team an opportunity to showcase to their Meenakshi Mission management.

Initially, we didn’t have any idea how these doctors would receive the importance of this concept, but a lot of surprising reactions received from all the ends during the explanation.

These are the exact words of Mr. Senthil “I could see a lot of smiling and eager faces among the audiences who literally shot a lot of questions towards me. And that ensured and convinced me that our product has a fantabulous future ahead”

These doctors already belong to the Gynocologist society of India who has umpteen experience in the world of medicine.

This meeting set a great benchmark for meeting the most crucial people who can guide us and our vision to a greater phase.

As a result of this event, our team got an opportunity to gain individual appointments to the doctors who have attended the presentation and showed interest in our product.

Happy News is we Jiovio HealthCare got a great opportunity to tie up with Meenakshi Mission Hospital for the future implementation of our concepts with our digital devices.