Intriguing mode of Health Check up happened at karuppayurani

Intriguing mode of Health Check up happened at karuppayurani

January 25, 2020 0 By admin

As a part of JioVio’s Journey, we had another opportunity to meet interesting people in a village where everyone seemed to lack basic health check-ups and many more needs for their day to day life.

Who Organised the Camp?

This camp was organized by the NSS Department of Solamalai College of Engineering. We JioVio joined our hands and associated with their overall activities in this selected village called karuppayurani which is located near Madurai District. 

When did the event happen?

The camp was organized on 24/1/2020 and the total people expected to attend the check-up were around 60 to 80 people in and around the village which our team landed.

What our Team Absereved? 

The moment when our team landed there at karuppayurani Village we were excited to see multiple activities going on already with great enthusiasm. 

And people showed real interest in the social activities happening there like cleaning the important places, health camp plans, rectifying their home-based electric items.

Along with that, they considered health check-up as the most important thing which can happen to them.

The Campaign Starts:

With a decent number of people, we kickstarted the check-ups and as we expected they were surprised by the kind of device we were using to check them the basic parameters.

As per our flow, we have checked the following categories of parameters for all the members who attended the camp

  1. Height
  2. Weight
  3. Blood Pressure
  4. Blood Oxygen 
  5. ECG 

Once these results are taken one by one, at last, we will be recording their symptoms which they are experiencing in recent times.

Since they are old age people we got more symptoms feedback than normal aged people. 

We carefully recorded every inch of insights that they gave during the check-up and saved those data in backend for validating that with our concerned doctor in charge.

How does our Check-up process work?

As we mentioned above all the records of participants are saved to backend and it will be passed over toward our Doctor who is responsible to validate the overall metrics received for users.

For them who are abnormal and need immediate attention are taken as a high priority and our health checker will contact those people directly and will pass on the needed consultation or if needed we will send our health checker directly to the spot and deliver the needed consultation as quickly as possible.

And as per our stats, those old aged people had some symptoms which are not in a risky state but it needs a solution to solve it shortly! 

We have recorded those stats and forwarded them to our concern department to ensure the procedural activities are on board!


We as a team believe that we just reached 0.1% of the distance which we are looking forward to. And this year we have planned to increase our graph to higher peaks of more than 10,000 health check-ups done with required solutions.