Astounding Speech by our CEO Senthil kumar at Mandram Event

Astounding Speech by our CEO Senthil kumar at Mandram Event

January 28, 2020 0 By admin

Mandram is a public speaking event that invites top most innovators around Tamil Nadu who believes their words can bring change in this society strongly!

Mandram is not-for-profit bringing experts and change-makers together to share their stories and expertise in Tamil. Mandram brings its first event to Madurai.

With six speakers sharing their expertise, this event is set to be as entertaining and informative as ever.

Among the six speakers our Beloved Co-Founder/CEO – JioVio Healthcare Mr. Senthil Kumar- has given an astounding speech about Women protection and Health Care for women in all phases which mainly includes pregnancy period.

The main specialty of this event is that it will be conducted with admirable Tamil language which is the main theme of this event portraying the beauty of the culture.

During the speech, Senthil mentioned the day-to-day problem faced by pregnant women and old age people who faces difficult scenarios to reach hospitals and spend an uncomfortable budget which they cant afford.

For this problem, he introduced his revolutionary concept of concentrating women and old age people health care with reduced efforts by the device which he invented.

People got pulled and he gained more attention during the speech. As the expected audience started arising questions and sought beneficial explanations which can convince them in all aspects.

The opportunity we got:
During the event, we got a chance to meet Naachiyar, who is head of Aravind Eye Hospital Medical team (Senior Profile) interested in our concept and invited to her venue for presenting our concept in front of the senior management team who seeks this kind of innovations for their own purposes.

We Visited Aravind Eye Hospital:
As per the plan in the next few days, we had the meeting opportunity with the Senior Leadership Management Team of Aravind Eye Hospital.

Again Mr. Senthil explained and presented the concept of his innovation with the Digital Device which he invented to find 10+ parameters of the human body with advanced touch sensors.

This looked very interesting for the doctors who were present in the meeting and they showed eagerness to know more about the features it offers.

At the end of the meeting, our team personally got invited for a personal one to one appointments with the doctors present there!

And they really needed our support for conducting health camps for their own employees who are working throughout Tamil Nadu.

Almost 4000+ employees are working for Aravind Eye Hospital in various departments. It takes an average of 6 months to complete a general health check it seems.

But with our Innovation, they realize they can finish the overall check for their own employees in 20 Days of the time period.

We have a great chance of getting associated with Aravind Eye Hospital in the near future for advanced technological implementation in health care.

Mandram event gave us this opportunity to demonstrate our concept and provided us the chance to get in touch with Aravind Eye Hospital.