Jiovio Conducted Special Health Check-up for COVID-19 with team Webtoall

Jiovio Conducted Special Health Check-up for COVID-19 with team Webtoall

March 20, 2020 0 By admin

We as a team getting realised on the risky situation happening for COVID-19 called corona virus, which is spreading all over the world rapidly.

As a precaution steps a lot of public and private sectors are confirming their current health conditions are in control.

Similarly Jiovio Healthcare have conducted a separate health check up camp for a software development tech firm – Webtoall, Located in Madurai.

Event Stats:

  • 48 People Attended the Camp.
  • 10+ Vitals has been taken in our general health check-up
  • Among 48 people, 21 were female employees and 27 were male employees.
  • Time taken to finish 48 check-ups was 4 Hours.

Event Summary:

We have received almost 50 requests for the basic check-up from webtoall organisation. On the day of check-up we saw 48 people assembled for the needed check-up and we continued with the basic vitals to ensure people are safe.

Temperature is the main factor to be considered as the identifier of an abnormal condition. With our Tricorder we started to measure the body temperature initially and we recorded those values digitally.

Following with body temperature test and those data will predict the accurate values and will reveal whether the results are normal or abnormal condition.

All those data which are recorded in tricorder will be sent to Allocare application which will be accessed by the users who undergone the general check-up.

And in the other end those data will be sent to the users mobile directly as text messages with the downloadable link for allocare mobile application. Users can check their all status even in upcoming health check-ups.

The biggest concern among the health care experts is, even now they don’t have a clear data on how and why COVID-19 is spreading with huge numbers which looks pretty much abnormal.

To prevent those we definitely need to break the chain of COVID-19 by closing our circle with safest measures possibly.

Conclusion: With this check-up, Jiovio Healthcare is becoming a part of the most important precautionary steps taken to prevent the COVID-19 among public.

We as a team looking forward to go ahead and spread the awareness and take necessary health check-ups for public to make sure they are healthy.

Lets break the chain of COVID-19 with joined efforts!