Jiovio Conducted COVID-19 Precautionary Health Check-up for Ariser

Jiovio Conducted COVID-19 Precautionary Health Check-up for Ariser

March 25, 2020 0 By admin

JioVio Healthcare today organized an awareness Camp on Corona Virus at Ariser MecGrowths Texmach Pvt Ltd. A number of private and public companies confirm their existing health conditions as a precautionary measure.

Around 1.3 Billion people in India got lockdown completely and came under the control to restrict the chain of COVID-19. This is to restrict India to enter the 3rd phase of COVID-19 cause, and Mr. Narendra Modi has requested the whole nation to support the complete lockdown to eradicate the virus in next 21 days.

We as a responsible team ready to take part in this serious situation of COVID-19 to get control under any circumstances. With todays camp, we made sure people are healthy and found no positive cases in COVID-19.

Camp Details:

  1. The Camp was attended by 20 people. 
  2. Of the 20 workers, 6 were female and 14 were male. 
  3. It took 2.30 hours to complete twenty check-ups.

The organized Corona Awareness camp which includes the following checkups for 

1. Blood Pressure

2. Body Temperature & Oxygen in the blood 

4. ECG

 5. Heart rate

 6. General health checks up

We initially began testing body temperature with our Tricorder and digitally recorded the values. The exact values will be calculated and whether the results are normal or abnormal following the body temperature test and the records. 

All data collected in the Tricorder will be sent to the Allocare program, which the users receiving a general inspection will access.

Corona Prevention:

 In addition, our volunteer experts explained on camp about preventive measures and clarified precautionary measures to remain safe from coronavirus. Our team also encouraged people not to worry and to consult the doctor if they have any coronaviral symptoms.


The virus primarily spread through respiratory droplets from an infected person, when they cough or sneeze. We have advised the people to wear masks and maintain hygiene to prevent the spread of the virus.