How to Buy PPE kit online with proper guidance?

How to Buy PPE kit online with proper guidance?

July 8, 2020 0 By admin

The 2 W’s of PPE


PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

During this sudden outbreak of Corona, Jiovio is making a positive impact on the go of this race. Where the whole world is fighting with a hope of survival. We are here with a known solution PPE Kits – which has been tweaked to enhance its benefits and ensuring the quality.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) prevents transmission of the Coronavirus not only in treatment centers but also in various activities, e.g. cleaning, waste management and safe burials, and community care related to the outbreak.

Now it’s time to save ourselves from the virus with the protecting shield.

LEMME Ask you something…

Where to buy PPE Kits?

Is that Ok…

To Buy online? Or Heading towards the Shop…

Jiovio makes it easy for everyone. Just a phone call, you will be getting a Mail and WhatsApp confirmation. Then you can make the payment and after the completion of the transaction, we will be delivering the items through a parcel service, or else our delivery support person will get in touch with you and ensure that you get your product on time.


  • Product is made of FABRIC 
  • High Chemical Resistant
  • Quality – 85 GSM
  • Not Reusable
  • SITRA Approval

Furthermore, 70 GSM is for highly sensitive and critical care work areas example – Operation theatres. Since we are focusing on the common people, we ensure great quality with rejuvenated and remodeled products. A Single box contains 50 Pieces. But even we appreciate and accept single orders.

So, Whats’s New with Jiovio’s PPE Kits.

Face Shield –  Customized the brand new product. We are proud to introduce the Mask with Face Shield. Which is cost-effective and an innovative product, it solves two different types of problems with a single solution.

Mask and a Face Shield

Delivery – We are more into customer-specific delivery. Where we assure you that your product will be delivered without any delays even during this COVID period. 

Inside India – 3 days 

Inside TamilNadu – Next Day

Customization & Pricing – As said we are more into a customer-specific market, so we are open to any sort of customizations and price negotiation discussions. Based on the current market value, our pricing is 20 % lesser when compared with the average industrial amount.

Customized orders and Price Negotiation 

Order Patterns – We encourage every individual to value their wellbeing and safety. On this note, we are open even for a single order and also bulk bookings. Even if there is a single order, we are supporting them with delivering the Product as such as Product Cost + GST + Delivery Charge.

Successful Track record – Even Single piece delivery

Customer Support – We are concerned about the quality service. Hence we are available 24/7 at your service. Any queries and information will be assessed at the time of inquiry. Mail confirmation of the placed order will be given by the Senior Manager of Jiovio.

24/7 Customer Support

Get to Know more about the Product Idea 

JioVio HealthCare is a Singapore based Med-tech international company. Jiovio is a med-tech company that leverages deep tech IoT based solutions to increase the efficiency of the healthcare ecosystem We ensure every individual to get the essential medical services. We do innovation in healthcare technology.

Jiovio launched many successful products especially we serve towards motherhood. As a matter of fact, in this Corona period, Jiovio is striving all possible ways to engage the society with check-up camps. On the whole, they are spreading positive rays of hopes and vibes to the people. Considering the effects and severity of corona, Jiovio has started focusing more on the production of the PPE Kits. 

Now Jiovio stepped ahead to produce health care products which are making a tremendous impact in the current situation. Jiovio Products are getting astounding feedback and response from the public. The products shout and stand out with their quality and great protection.

As we all know about the pandemic situation, also the necessity and need of healthcare workers. They possess great responsibility and functioning in such a crisis. It’s a gesture of gratitude towards healthcare workers and society. Jiovio came up with the innovative ideas and modernizing the PPE kits production.

Conclusion – An Beginning

YES, It’s just the beginning of Jiovio’s services towards mankind. We strive hard to ensure the protection of people with our innovations. It’s not about the pandemic situation, in general, we endeavor to deliver comfortable, well-designed personal protective equipment (PPE) that offers you the most effective protection.



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