Where to buy 3 ply disposable Face Masks Online?

Where to buy 3 ply disposable Face Masks Online?

July 30, 2020 0 By admin

What’s New with 3 Ply Face Masks?

Now a day’s wearing a face mask is the fact of protection. Often helps people to feel protected and reassured. But is that possible for a normal face mask to keep you from being exposed to or transmitting certain infectious diseases?

The normal mask is a loose-fitting, disposable that’s rectangular in shape. The mask has elastic bands or ties that can be looped behind your ears or tied behind your head to hold it in place. A metal strip may be present at the top of the mask and can be pinched to fit the mask around your nose.

Main difference states as per the name of the product.

Yeah, I am talking about the layers.

Single or two layer masks protection ratio can be lesser than the 3-layer mask protection. So a better protection can be guaranteed by 3 Ply face Mask.

What is a 3 Ply Face Mask?

This 3 Ply Face Mask is a respiratory protection disposable mask. The mask is designed as 3-layer construction. Ensures the three-layered filtration, which covers the nose and mouth. The soft elastic ear loops that will help to keep the mask in place all day long. It mainly prevents the spread of diseases and promotes healthy breathing.

Standout Point is the 2nd Layer, i.e. Melt-Blown Layer. Which makes 3 ply mask different from normal masks.

The melt-blown layer in a 3-ply mask is essentially a filter, the droplets containing viruses will be electrostatically adsorbed on the surface and cannot infiltrate the mask. If your mask is properly fitted, the surgical mask will create a basic barrier between your mouth, nose and the viruses.

  • Triple layer construction for maximum safety.
  • Three layers of filtering ensures multiple protection
  • Inner and outer layer made of Spunbound material with 25 GSM
  • Filter layer made from Melt Blown material with 20 GSM

Interesting Facts about the Layers –

  • Outer layer: waterproof non-woven fabric. Filter dust and other visible objects. 
  • Filter layer: melt-blown cloth. Effectively blocks droplets and fine particles. 
  • Protective layer: skin-friendly non-woven fabric. Flexible, skin-friendly, anti-allergic.

Catch Out the Features –

  • Unisex mask, can be used by men & women
  • Features elastic ear loops to ensure perfect fit
  • Disposable – Easy and environment friendly
  • Lightweight and Biodegradable
  • Daily Usage – Can be used during the day to day activities.
  • Effective protection as respirators with best fit of shape and tight seal.
  • Indeed, Acts as a guard from dust, germs and airborne.  

Bottom Line – Different Masks for Different Uses

Wearing a disposable mask that covers the nose and mouth, ensures protection of the environment or to prevent spreading the infection to others. But not all masks are created equal. They are meant or used for different purposes.

For example, masks used for hygiene during food preparation are typically labelled as “paper masks”. These are thin, single-layered or two-layered paper masks and are not meant for protection from haze or to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

So choose the right mask for the right use. It’s not only about buying the right mask, but putting on and taking off these face masks correctly may help to protect the health of yours and the people around you from transmitting or contracting pathogens.

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