How to Buy a Sterile Disposable Surgical Gown?

How to Buy a Sterile Disposable Surgical Gown?

August 5, 2020 0 By admin

Is the need of Medical Gowns evident?

What was the thought when we encountered the word medical gown for the first time?

To be honest for me it was a simple and quick answer “A normal gown such as apron we use in the kitchen and when we use the same apron in hospital or medical workplace then it’s a medical gown. “ 

Sounds silly right. Yes, but let me put some basic details of medical gown such as where does it belong, Usage and different types of medical gown out in the market. Especially about the products that Jiovio brought to the market.

So where does the medical gown belongs to…

                                                                        Yeah, I hope all the guesses were almost right. It’s PPE – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit. It prevents transmission of the virus not only in the treatment centers, but also while doing various activities, e.g. Cleaning, waste management and safe burials, and community care related to the outbreak.

PPE Refers to the safety equipment such as coveralls, goggles, gloves, shoe covers etc. Workers use PPE to ensure safety at work. It addresses hazards like physical, chemical, biohazards. For instance, it is safe to deal with dangerous chemicals when you are fully equipped with suitable PPE.

One of the main components in PPE, is none other than the Gown. Which plays a vital role in covering the entire body and acts as a protection shield.

Jiovio focuses more on the medical own production. Where skin injuries, infection are some of the skin-related occupational diseases. Which indeed an equipment that can protect from skin hazards.

While Selecting Gown – Elements to consider

  • Ability to protect against workplace hazards
  • Should fit properly 
  • Should provide unrestricted movement 
  • Durable and Cost effective

Jiovio provides different Gowns for different usage

  • Apron
  • Medical Gown
  • Medical Gown – ¾ Hand Back Knot
  • Medical Gown – ¾ Hand Cross Knot
  • Export – Sterile Gown

Gown is a loose-fitting or free sized protective suit, which withstands with quality and long lasting life. 

All day working on a gown can be uncomfortable and discovering the right level of protection while balancing the need for comfort is not easy. Fortunately, there are options. Whether you’re searching for protective suits, protective apparel, protective clothing or disposable coveralls, everyone can protect ourselves against hazardous particles, limited liquid splashes, sprays with Protective gowns. 

Full Gown. The gown is made with anti-bacterial, non-woven, 40 GSM fabric. Covering the entire body enriches the safety and reducing the infection prone ability.

Medical Gowns 

Whole Body protection is possible by means of medical gowns (i.e.) full body protection. 

You can avail the medical gown with shoe cover as a combo pack.

  • Full Body Gown – 40 GSM Polypropylene / Non-Woven / Non laminated Material, General Size available in blue colour with maximum fit of 47 inches.
  • Shoe Cover

On the whole a Gowns Comes with

– 40 GSM Non – Laminated / Non – Woven Fabric / Polypropylene M

– Ideal Fits of maximum 47 Inches

Medical Gown Apron 3/4 Hand-Back Cut: –

– 40 GSM Woven Cotton Cloth Material

– Ideal Fits of maximum 49 Inches

– Back Knot Style

– Full Gown

– Reusable

– Parrot Green Colour

As same as the normal medical gown, but the specific to the name it has a back knot style. With Universal size, ensuring the ease of use without compromising the quality. Mainly used for surgical and other medical related workspace.

Medical Gown Apron Half Hand – Crosscut: –

– 40 GSM Woven Cotton Cloth Material

– Ideal Fits of maximum 47 Inch

– Front Crosscut Style

– Full Gown

– Reusable

– Bottle Green colour

As same as the normal medical gown, but the specific to the name it has a front crosscut style. With Universal size, ensuring the ease of use without compromising the quality. Mainly used in medically related workspace.

Yes, we are concerned towards the people’s health as well as the safety. Addressing the issues and problems of people. Jiovio has designed the gowns and the speciality is the hoody. Which will be part of coverall package.

Gown Ensures,

Breathability – Ensures that one person can wear it all day with ease.

Comfort – Ensures the right fabric, which indeed provides the best comfort.

Protection – Ensures the all over protection with the best fit with lightweight.

Jiovio also has a sterile Gown with possible high protection. Enriches the overall product quality and ratio of protection with best fitting material. 

Export Quality – Sterile Kit

  • Sterilized with EO – Ethylene Oxide, Using the cool sterilization method.
  • 70 GSM – It is Polypropylene Spunbound Non-Woven Fabric.
  • White & Blue Colour – Available in both the colours
  • With 5 Years of Expiration time period.
  • Protection level – AAMI – Level 4
  • Disposable 
  • Single Use
  • Bacteria Resistance
  • Free Size comes with a belt and cuff elastic ensures a best fit

Understanding on Medical Gown

Medical terms always remain extremely complicated and, frequently, opaque, with many models and variation. They differ on the manufacturing point of view, sellers as well as customer views. Now this might give you an insight of the specifications and general understanding about the medical gowns. Jiovio products contain quality outcome intended to improve the best protection with value for money. However, one should not compromise on the safety and protection. So value yourself and make smart buying with Jiovio.