Covid supplies for Schools & college students

Covid supplies for Schools & college students

August 17, 2020 0 By admin

The World goes crazy with Reopening of Schools and Colleges 
Oh my god! 

It’s just not about schools and colleges. Beyond the normal parent’s instinct, everything out there in this world creates an insecure feeling which ignites a worry about their children’s welfare as well as education.  

Education is the most important part of our lives. To date, we are not prepared for the modern and digital life, especially with the schooling, Nah No chance.  

Engaging the students virtually is a big hurdle for both teachers as well as parents. When we are coping with the pandemic situation and trying to balance the work, study, and personal life. 

A few days back, I was interacting with my friends about the opening of schools. Surprisingly None of them were really happy or else sad. It was a  mixed feeling with a hell lot of questions out in their mind.  

Analyzing those questions gave me some sort of clarity that what should I  do as a parent as well as a responsible person.  

So, look below for the basic questions and my understanding which might  give you an insight into what can be done. 

  • Will schools and College able to protect the children’s
  • What will be the future of school and college after COVID 19?   
  • What will be the impact of kids Mental and Physical Health? 
  • As a parent do you feel safe to send your kids to schools or colleges?

To the Point –

Paying a wholesome amount for children’s education and seeing them  struggling with online classes may be frustrating for the parents. Wishing  for the reopening of schools where the hit list in their prayers. But now  when the time comes everyone is worried about the safety of their children. 

As all, we know it’s impossible to handle kids in the school. Maintaining  social distancing among the children is merely promising for the school.  School maintenance now it’s about sanitizing the whole campus became  mandatory. They are responsible for the staff, teachers and also the  children’s well-being.  

Basic work -Need for periodic cleaning and sanitizing Transports, Campus, Classrooms, 

Desk, Chairs, etc.  

Yes, Safeguarding the children from infection can be possible to an extent  and that’s purely based on the care that we take to sanitize the premises  and in the sense the entire environment on a timely basis. Also by  providing the basic PPE Kits to the staff and other workers. Ensuring that  there is easy access to automatic hand sanitizer. 

In this pandemic situation, an extra effort has to be taken from the management to prioritize the health of the students as well as all others who are related to the premises.     

Future Schools / Colleges / Office: 

Now it’s a different ball game, Entirely a different world. Yes, we can sense a huge behavior change among the people.  

So Let’s see the highlights of BC and AC: Before Corona and After Corona 

Sounds historical right not bad, yeah it’s a history. I hope you all agree on  that What will be the main difference? 

  • Wearing Mask will be Mandatory 
  • Adequate cleaning and disinfection of campus. 
  • Automatic Hand Sanitizer will be there everywhere 
  • Shoe cover will be predominantly used by all workers and staffs 
  • A Pocket hand sanitizer should be there with everyone. 
  • Social Distancing Seating Arrangements 
  • No more Handshakes and It will be different playtime for kids in school

Impacts on Health Student life has become more interesting as hell. Not only student’s life, it’s quite challenging for all. Working in an uncomfortable  place, Even worse nightmare for women’s. Working day and night without a break – An Exhausting lifestyle. 

In Simple words where everyone is facing a hard time where we have no  proper timings such as personal and official. Double or triple efforts are  needed to maintain a children’s, personal and official work. 

The corona-virus has upended the lives of hundreds of millions of children around the world in many countries, kids have been cooped up at home for weeks forcing parents to become educators while working their regular jobs. 

Engaging the children with laptops and smart device for a long time is not  that advisable. But we are now more concerned that we are not lacking in  the phase and way behind in the race. 

In this traumatizing situations, keeping a good balance is very important.  Planning your day with children and family is a much needed thing.  Energizing ourselves in all possible way will help us to drive the life in a  positive and peaceful manner. 

  • Proper Intake of vitamins and Food. 
  • A movie night with family or loved ones. 
  • Possible Sports activity or Games  
  • Exercise or a dance session with family 
  • Video chat with Friends and Colleagues 
  • Yoga for mental peace / Craftwork with Kids    
  • Gardening, Even Cooking could help
  • A Family Dinner   

It’s important to engage your kids in a proper way and make them learn  many good things out in the world which they had no time to learn when  they had regular schools. 

Finally, I have a point to discuss: 

As a parent do you feel safe to send your kids to schools or colleges?

I can understand that we all are so protective when it comes to our kids. No Compromise and we are not ready to take any chance with their health as  well as education. 

On this note, Schools and Colleges will come up with their safety measures. Even though we have to be more cautious on how we are practicing our kids to be in there. Proper Hygiene is a very important.  

As a part of Safety, wearing a mask, Sanitizing the hand and social  distancing has to be taught to them. 

Wearing a mask for the whole day is not an easy task. It needs to be more  comfortable for them. Sanitizing the hand now and then should be taken  care.

JioVio came up with special PPE Kit for the students, they can enjoy and  have their daily fun as well education without any compromise on their safety. 

Sometimes the fickle finger of fate intervenes and saves us from doing something stupid. So Don’t take a chance on the safety of your kids. 

JIOVIO is one of the largest PPE Kit manufacturers in India. Acts as a  protector with their products, JioVio products are also assisting and addressing all the basic problems of this situation. 

The services are now on the track, wholesale suppliers of PPE kits for  Schools and colleges. Different Kits as per the usage and users. Efficiently  Engineered Automatic Hand Sanitizer on a low cost. Sanitizers can also be availed.  

On the general note: It’s Now or Never. 

Life should be worth living. Plan your time and action, make yourself and  your loved one’s priority Join hands with high quality products in order to ensure their safety. Join hands with JioVio for  safe schooling. 

School is important for kids in more ways than one beyond academics they’re gaining important social experience opportunities to be more physically active and mentally engaged.

The School is also important for parents,  many of whom rely on it as a form of child care so they can work getting  kids back to school is important, but we have to do it safely.