PPE kit for Air travel passengers available online!

PPE kit for Air travel passengers available online!

September 12, 2020 0 By admin

The Gates are Opened for Travel – Thrilled or Not?

All set for travel….

So are you guys ready for travel?

Let me make few things clear for travellers, especially air traveller. I Hope everyone is excited with the news of unlocking or else releasing the lockdown for travels. There might be some hurdle’s and hesitations while travelling in this span of time.

List of questions on my mind when it comes to travel:

  • Am I ready for this travel?
  • Is this travel worth enough?
  • What about the safety and precautions that I have to take care of?

These are the basic questions that arise with multiple sub queries like food, stay etc. On backing these queries safety is the foremost drawback. So what else it might take for a safe travel.

Some Reality Checks:

Yes, the whole world is coping with the new normal. We all know this pandemic has changed our priorities and essential lists. As far as concerned not much, but there is the main and a compulsory addition of certain items in the travel kit.  To be precise yes, it is the PPE Kit.

Good and Bad act as the two sides of a coin. After these series of lockdown’s and shutdowns, Travel is a must and most wanted gateway. Either official or a personal trip – we are all set to go.

Is that right? Hopefully,

I am desperate to havea vacation. I know everyone has the same standpoint during this unlockperiod and mostly all of you people will agree with me.

I know that all are terrified with this COVID-19. Constantly increasing positive cases and even the death ratio is more shows an amber alert. Obviously the lockdown has been released, but not because of the decrease ratio of COVID. The shake on the world economy is the predictable reason behind the release of lockdown.

Laying out the Facts about safe Travel:

When travel is that essential, one has to focus more on safety as the prime factor in this situation. So is that possible to enjoy the travel without any hesitation and anxiety.

             Yeah, like setting up a security firewall to ensure your system safety, PPE is a formidable way of ensuring your safety while travelling. The one and only source through which the transmission can be eradicated. Minimizing the effects and transmission possibilities by different devices like Mask, Gown, Face Shield and gloves etc.

Certain Analysis reports states that “An infected person merely touches a non-infected person, the virus will not be transmitted unless the transmission takes place through a droplet carrying the virus resides on clothes surface and ultimately if there is a reach to the mouth, nose or eyes of the other person.”

Proper usage of PPE Kits and Periodic sanitizing of hands will help you to get rid of fear while travelling. Research well when you get the PPE Kit with respect to safety, comfortability with good quality.

Key Factors:

In this part, you’ll find Four essentials to factors you should know before you set off an air travel.

Best PPE Kit for Travel Purposes

PPE Kit Material Quality

The Necessity of PPE kit for Air Travel

Fast Delivery 

  • Looking over the importance of travelling with perfect protection is the proper way out to enjoy travelling in this pandemic.
  • Clearly indicating, that people are interested in travel, but the coronavirus fear is genuine and there is need of protection in order to make their travel safe and enjoyable.
  • Great Comfort with high quality protection should be the main constraint.  So get your perfect PPE Kit and make your health a priority.
  • The question which lingers in the mind of many. Better do some basic research ofthe best ways to make the health priority while one travels.
  • As per government policy PPE Kit is mandatory for air travel. The only way to ensure the transmission and spread of infection even though the passengers may feel discomfort to travel by wearing the kit, it is really effective to check the transmission of the disease.
  • Design of the PPE Kit should satisfy on the ground points of the customer’s needs.
  • There are many Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Covid-19 equipment’s. Get are more concerned towards the quality and full protection. Effectively engineered products for the best quality and protection.
  • General Travel PPE Kit Contains: Full Body Gown, 3 Ply – Face Mask, Shoe Cover, Surgical Gloves, Face Shield, Eye Goggle
  • PPE kit made with Non-Woven, 70 GSM material. It’s an anti-bacterial, Lightweight and Biodegradable.
  • Life as many turns as we know it can change in a flip, we have been warned since the coronavirus pandemic engulfed the world. On the resumption of flight operation after several months of nationwide lockdown, a lot appears to have been changed at airports and inside planes as passengers and crews have to adjust to the new normal.
  • Everyone should be covered with a personal protective kit consisting of a face shield, gown, mask and sanitizer for their safety. This is mandatory for each one who travels through air. Please make sure that you wear these throughout the journey for the well-being.
  • It is mandatory for all passengers to wear at least a face mask to enter the airport and continue wearing it at all times. Also, everyone is advised to wear gloves and carry a bottle of hand sanitizer. While you’re there, don’t touch your face without sanitizing your hands.It is the best way to protect oneself.
  • As everyone should know by now, that one should also “avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth after touching plane surfaces and use antibacterial gel or sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol if you are not able to wash your hands with soap and water.
  • This is particularly important before eating and drinking.
  • While wearing a PPE Kit without decreasing your protection. If it’s just a quick drink, you can momentarily remove part of the mask to take your drink, but if you’re eating, you’ll likely need to take it off completely.”
  • Engage more into customer specific delivery companies. Where they assure you that your product will be delivered with all safety precautions without any delays.

Now it’s time to pack the bags without hurdle’s and second thoughts. Keeping a note that it is necessary that both the infected and non-infected persons should be wearing the mask and protective face shield. It is mandatory that prescribed protocol for putting on a gown.

Message from JioVio on Travel with PPE:

Located in Madurai, INDIA, JioVio is a leading PPE Kit Manufacturer. If you are a business traveller, the best thing you could do is to get your perfect PPE Kit and in order to not feel sick on your trip or when you get home.

For Parents: No one wants to deal with children getting sick while travelling and even once you reach the destination, JioVio is an inexpensive and a great deal to help you defeat the challenges of travel and enjoy your vacation.

While Flying, you should take the following precautions when removing your mask or PPE Kit: Wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before removing. Do not touch the front of the mask, instead, remove the mask by the ear loops, ties, or bands. If it’s a gown, make sure you remove that first and then the wash off your hands with sanitizer. If the mask or PPE Kit is disposable, throw it away and replace with a new, clean mask or PPE.

JioVio healthcare has curated an essential set of disposable, personal protection equipment in a convenient kit to help you stay healthy and safe when traveling. Each kit is perfect designed for safety, and is small enough that you can easily pack them in the luggage.

Our mission is to provide people convenient and efficient products and build a safer as well a healthy world to live in.

To the Conclusion:

Now Travel requires personal protective equipment to minimize contact and spread of infection causing illness such as Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Virus or germs are everywhere and the recent pandemic conditions are making things worse. This Corona Virus can live in the seat upholstery for days. A sanitizing kit or PPE Kit usage provides effective results in safety and one can use them everywhere you go.

Not only nation the entire world has changed, and so has the way we travel and connection with others. Etiquette and Expectations have changed also. Masks, gloves, seat covers, booties, and the wipes are now standard operating procedure of air travel.

Wearing face masks while on planes and public places are a requirement, it’s still essential to put our best foot forward by prioritizing eco-friendly and best quality PPE for the inevitable coronavirus travel kit.

Ultimately, there is no fool proof way to protect one. But following certain procedures and protocols may help to protect us and others around us. Make the difference in making your decisions on choosing an essentials PPE Kit in the right way.

Protect yourself and Protect the ones you love.

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