JioVio Healthcare Initiating Free Diabetic Home Check-up at Madurai!

JioVio Healthcare Initiating Free Diabetic Home Check-up at Madurai!

January 4, 2021 0 By admin

Introduction to Diabetic Campaign:

We at JioVio Healthcare have received stats at this covid season which shocked us. Many patients suffered from various causes which gave them a difficult time of their lives to visit hospitals directly!

Among many causes received, we came to know the numbers are more high with Diabetic patients who suffered like never before.

This was the moment we decided to jump in and make a comfortable zone for all diabetic patients in and around madurai city by giving them a proper solution.

Why JioVio Hosts this campaign:

Being a leading healthcare start-up from madurai we JioVio have a huge responsibility to look forward on reducing the medical risks for our people around us. Just click the call button below to book your free appointment for Diabetic check-up. Once you booked the appointment our team will schedule a check-up day were our health workers will reach your doorsteps to collect the test samples and the results will be sent to you in the same day !

Let’s discuss the process: 

Here comes the plan in action for “DIABETIC FREE MADURAI” intended to help the diabetic patients at their doorsteps. 

It’s simple!   

1. Call to Book Appointment  –> 

2. Diabetic Checkup at home –> 

3. Results in same day  –>


We have dedicated people working on fixing appointments for Free Diabetic check-up and they can just make a call to us at +91 86680 92100 and confirm their entry. 


Once the appointment is fixed our health workers will reach the patients home directly for check up and proceed with the tests required. 


The test reports will be then passed to the lab on the same day to find out the results. Within the same day the generated report will be sent to patients’ mobile number and to their email.

Added advantages on our check-up:

  • With this campaign you will get free check-up and reporting once in every month (1 Test/month) and there is no limitation for this free check-up. 
  • This will be a continuous process until you get rid of your diabetic condition which is in any stage. Even if it reaches more than 12 months we will deliver the free check-up modes.
  • There is no hidden fees whatsoever and our health workers will report you on time for the check-up with proper and personalized care for your home based check-up
  • Even if you are taking regular check-ups with your own family doctors, you can still connect with us for your free consultation and check-up with free of cost and our health workers will be guiding you with un-touched segments which will help you recover faster than the normal flow of your diabetic treatment.

Why should you prefer our Check-up?

  1. Our Health workers have 12+ years of experience in handling diabetic based patients.
  2. Their professional approach will make you feel stressless at any point of time. 
  3. Highly responsive team will guide you to share and get your test results and the consultation work on time.
  4. We serve this Diabetic check-up for long term basis, so trust plays the major role between patients.

Lets Register!

Make a call for us at +91 86680 92100 or please register in this link for free appointment REGISTER –