Olivewear signs an MoU with Amrita Serve to pilot Project ‘SaveMom’ on 29 July, 2017. With a promise to deliver cost-effective high quality maternal care, promote health education, and digitize health records, Olivewear takes Med-tech innovation to rural India through Project SaveMom. The company aims to achieve this by partnering with existing Non-Governmental and Government Organisations in the rural sector.

An MoU with Amrita Serve comes as our first milestone in Project Savemom. Amrita Serve was launched during Amma’s 60th birthday celebrations in September 2013 and ushered in sustainable development in village clusters across India under the patronage of Sri Mata Amirtanadamayi Devi. Its work is aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with a major focus on factors that make every village ‘self-reliant and self-sufficient’.

The scope of Olivewear services during the pilot Project ‘SaveMom’:

  • We will actively engage with Amrita Serve to understand and tailor our cost-effective high quality healthcare model to the context of the pilot villages.
  • We will provide connected devices to screen pregnant women and gather health data of these remote regions
  • We will implement tele-medicine module that makes possible doctors accompanies patients remotely.

The pilot though primarily aims to test Olivewear’s healthcare solution and measure its impact in the rural regions, it looks ahead to extend the service to all the regions under Amrita Serve in India.


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