Nasscom CoE IOT shortlists Olivewear for its nationally renowned IoT incubation programme in April, 2017. This is yet another statement of faith in Olivewear’s healthcare innovation in obstetrics and our promise to reduce preventable maternal morbidity and positive pregnancy experience in the developing countries.

Olivewear is an IoT startup in the healthcare space currently focusing on reducing maternal deaths during pregnancy through appropriate and timely referral of very high-risk and high-risk pregnancy through its teaching solution. We are evolving an IoT equipped solution that enables a remote access to quality healthcare. The product is an innovation of JioVio Healthcare our international brand incubated in Singapore.

The shortlisting by Nasscom COE IoT comes at the right time when we are planning to implement the product in India especially in its low-income settings i.e. villages and tribal regions. To this end, Olivewear has launched ‘Project SaveMom’.




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