Olivewear is an IoT startup in healthcare space registered in India with a current focus on providing positive pregnancy experience, infant care and positive parenting experience with its innovation in healthcare technology and education. The company was founded in 2017 with its branch in Singapore known as JioVio Healthcare Pte Ltd. It is now incubated by Nasscom CoE IOT, Bangalore.

Olivewear has launched a rural healthcare project ‘SaveMom’ with a vision to reduce the malady of preventable maternal deaths in the poor socio-economic regions of our country. It has three major goals:

1) High Quality Tech-driven Maternal Health Care

The goal of our system is to provide cost-effective, high quality maternal health care in remote regions of the country using telemedicine and IoT devices. The package includes following devices with a mobile app which has inbuilt metrics for measurement and links to telemedicine web app.


  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Blood glucose monitor
  • Fetal heart rate monitor
  • Body fat scale
  • Oximeter


2) Health Education

To empower women with the latest information regarding prenatal and postnatal health & nutrition using modern methods and tools, in the local language with the help of a community health worker.

3) Data Gathering and Analysis

To create a data matrix of rural women and children for governments and foundations to provide better resources. Currently, we have partnered with Amirtha Serve

Currently, the project focuses on the remote regions, the socio-cultural and economical backward parts, of Tamilnadu and Kerala.

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