SaveMom wins the ‘2016 TechNgage Prize’ – the Story of all Stories

SaveMom wins the ‘2016 TechNgage Prize’ – the Story of all Stories

June 15, 2016 0 By admin

SaveMom, the prototype of our wearable product concept for pregnant women, has unanimously been declared as the winner of 2016 TechNgage in June, 2016. Through the competition, though we are happy to bag a cash award of INR. 3,00,000.00 our happiness is doubled by the enthusiasm and support that we received from all participants towards our innovation in healthcare. This is not just a story of our victory, this is the story of the birth of our company, the story of all stories.



Idea of Ideas

The idea sparked from a personal experience of accompanying my sister during her pregnancy. Pregnancy which is supposed to be the most joyful experience for the women and her entire family, became devastating when the doctor said that she had complications. We as a family had to go through a lot of stress due to her imbalanced diet, improper health checkups and varying advice from different doctors.

I wanted to innovate a med-tech wearable that could virtually accompany women as a nurse. Sunder Jagannathan a startup enthusiast joined me in this venture. Together we brainstormed our solution and took to TechNgage 2016 Hackathon to showcase our innovation to the world.

Our First Prototype – 48 Hours

On the day of hackathon, Sunder and I were highly motivated and had confidence. We knew that Idea without execution is meaningless. With a laptop and few prototyping boards, we immediately got into building the prototype. We borrowed and exchanged components with other teams, and wanted to give a wearable form factor.

On the other hand, Sunder was exploring on the business deck and feasibility analysis. He also had to brush up on his CAD software and web development skills to support me in building a mock-up and website. After continuous working and dozens of bug fixing, we finally got our prototype in the crude format with electrical tape around the circuit board, LED, and strap from a women’s watch to provide the wearable form factor. Here is how it looked then:


We also got the mobile application ready, which could provide pregnancy and nutritional information. It was also able to connect to the wearable to provide notification for medicine reminders and track activity with body movements. We also built a sample web app, that could show these details to the doctor. Meanwhile Sunder had a complete business case built around it on how to sell these to hospitals and governments, in order to support them in providing high quality maternal care for both urban and rural. Believe it or not – all of this was done in 48 hours!

Our Victory

We went with these to present to the judges and audience. We made an amazing presentation with illustrations, prototype and market research. We introduced how our system could save mothers around the world especially in the rural areas where “Every two minutes a women die due to complications in pregnancy”.

Though we were sure of bagging one of the top three prizes, we didn’t expect to be first. To our surprise, when they declared as the winner, the entire crowd unanimously shouted our team name as “SaveMom” instead of our registered name (TechWizard). Definitely, we were not expecting this much support.